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Use of PHP in Wordpress

Use of PHP in Wordpress

Use of PHP in Wordpress
Wordpress allows us to do much more work on to create a website without having coding knowledge. Here we learn about what is the Use of PHP in  Wordpress site. There are so many themes which are easily available in Wordpress and we can create our website easily and in fast track. With the help of themes, we do not require any coding area like HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP. So many plugins available in Wordpress sites. At a certain point, we need a coding to customize things to a website and give a great look to our website exactly that we want. So, it is possible in an easy manner with the help Wordpress.

As we know, PHP is a programming and server side scripting language to create an interactive dynamic website. Wordpress is written using this scripting language. Wordpress is also an Open source language.

A Wordpress user does not need to learn PHP to run or manage a Wordpress site. But when we develop Wordpress theme, Plugins, or modify a default behavior of Wordpress using actions and filters, then we need to learn a syntax of PHP included HTML & CSS also.

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Working files with PHP :

Wordpress has some different types of PHP files that we need :

  • Theme Files
  • Core Files
  • Plugin Files

Theme Files : It contain the PHP and HTML code and you will find that most of the files you have to edit yourself.

Core Files : It contain PHP code only and you should not edit its files because it may break your Wordpress installation.

Plugin Files : It can contain PHP code and also it mixed HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you do not build a plugin yourself or making some changes to another plugin, then you do not edit plugin files.

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