Thursday, 22 December 2016

Mistakes that Avoid in Development

Mistakes that Avoid in Development

There are numerous web applications exists which were made with the help of programming languages, in which the coding will be done at the backend. If we talk about Android,  this is one of the latest technology which is developed by the google. Android is an operating system which is used to develop the mobile applications. Another one of the most adaptable language is PHP (Hypertext preprocessor) which is a scripting language and it is used for the web development.

Mistakes that Avoid in Development

The most usable web applications are made in PHP. So, I suggest to learn PHP by doing PHP Training in Chandigarh which is provided by the CBitss Technologies a renowned institute which gives you the quality training in Chandigarh. So let’s know something about the PHP. Some of the mistakes which we have to avoid during the Development process:

  • Not Securing SQL Code - When you forget to secure the SQL code, the cyber attack might be occur on the web through the SQL injections. In SQL injections the code will be inserted by the hacker so that you are not able to authorize your own database.
  • The hacker can easily do modifications by using the commands like altering, deleting etc. PHP acts like the backbone of some of the web applications like WordPress, Facebook, and more.

  • Suppressing errors - To resolve the errors in PHP you can do it correct with the help of code. The ‘@’ symbol can be used to resolve some of the errors but try it carefully as it sometimes cause damage and your system will started showing the warning messages.
  • Don’t use the PDO which is the the PHP data objects.
  • Always remember to remove the development configurations.
  • Use the assignment operators.
  • Avoid to use the Remote Code Execution: It is the direct call to the hackers to hack your database.

Hope this article is helpful to all of you. Always remember these points during the development process. Learn PHP make your concept crystal clear  by doing PHP Training in Chandigarh.


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