Thursday, 22 December 2016

SEO | PHP training in Chandigarh

In today’s era, PHP is grooming day by day in this industry. Most of students going towards website development. As we know, PHP is easy language and it is easy to use. PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor. Most of the person don’t know the oldest name of PHP. So, i am discuss in this article the old name of PHP is Personal Home Page. Now a days, PHP is the first choice among all the students during their training period.

PHP training in Chandigarh

As we know, PHP is a server side scripting language. It is easily available on internet. It is free of cost. It is an open source language. Open source means it’s code is easily available on internet and downloaded free of cost.

When we start to design websites, then firstly we have a knowledge about basic designing concept like HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. and we have a knowledge about some basic C language concepts. Because we used basic concepts of C language.

PHP training in Chandigarh works on all web designing concepts, C language concepts and work on all advanced PHP concepts.

SEO training in Chandigarh

After completion of PHP website, we do one thing that is promoting a website. We also work on website promotion. Our product, SEO training in Chandigarh is work to promote websites. So, after creating website, we can promote our website on top of search engine result page.


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