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PHP Tools

PHP Tools

PHP  is one of the open source server-side scripting languages. There are about over 15 million indeed domains that used PHP. The PHP is preferred by the developers because of its use in various popular sites like facebook, Digg, slashdot etc. It consists of various tools, well-built frameworks. So, switch to PHP language is better than choosing any other language. Learn PHP by doing PHP Training in Chandigarh provided by one of the finest institute CBitss Technologies.

PHP tools

There are various tools existing in PHP. Let's discuss some of the tools:

1. Debugging tools
  • Webgrind- It works on almost all the frameworks of PHP. This tool helps to do quick and dirty optimizations in a very easy way. Webgrind is a Xdebug which is the debugging PHP extension, profiling Web front end in PHP 5.
  • Xdebug- It the most popular debugging PHP extension. You can easily find out errors and fix the bugs in your source code.

2. Testing and optimization tools
  • PHP unit- With the help of this tool you can easily check the scalability and stability of your website. This will help to check the web applications. you can also easily write the test cases within PHP framework.
  • Simple test- It is a unit- testing-platform. This is used to know, how to write a new test case.

3. Documentation tools
          These are the tools which are used to write the source of PHP:
  • PHP Documentor- It consists of a number of features. It has the Web-based command-line interface both as well as source code highlighting.
  • PHP DOX- PHP DOX is an  AJAX-powered PHP documentation search engine.It enables you to search titles from all PHP documentation pages.These are the some of the tools which are used to do coding in PHP effectively. PHP is an interesting language.

It is best to opt it as your career options. Learn PHP by doing PHP Training in Chandigarh provided by the CBitss Technologies which is one of the finest institutes of Chandigarh.

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