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PHP framework

PHP Frameworks

PHP frameworks complement PHP by providing developers with some builted modules,
a platform to create robust, recyclable components, and by permissive faster
development cycles.PHP frameworks give the users a basic structure, with some
pre-built modules to develop robust web applications rapid. These frameworks enforce
coding standards and development guidelines hence determining the process and
balance the product. CBitss Technologies provides Best PHP Training in Chandigarh
they covers all the Topics related to PHP like HTML, CSS, Core PHP, CMS ,
Frameworks and many more.

PHP Framework

PHP frameworks use Model View Controller architecture, where the development of
the business logic is independent of both the underlying data and the overlaying
presentation view. MVC helps developers to focus on their specific areas without
worrying if their code will negatively affecting the development of the other modules
or not. This breaking up of the development process into independent modules
increases the speed of the entire development process and improves the stability
and quality of the product.To know more about PHP Frameworks go for
PHP training in Chandigarh.

List of FrameWork are:-

There are a large array  of PHP frameworks many of them are open source


The most popular open-source PHP frameworks are:

1. Laravel:-  Laravel catch the cake with the most number of professional and
personal users. The 2015’s Sitepoint survey argue that excellent documentation,
solid features and a developing, growing support community has made Laravel a
clear winner in the place of PHP framework. Google direction on PHP frameworks
show similar results.

2. Symfony:-  Symfony is treated to be a stable base for many other newer
frameworks including Laravel. The quick flexibility and widely used documentation
of Symfony makes it one of the most dependable PHP frameworks.

3. CodeIgniter :- A simple, powerful PHP framework, CodeIgniter is known for its
flexibility and hassle-free installation. CodeIgniter is assumed to have an simple
learning curve thus making it the best choice for beginners.

4. CakePHP:- CakePHP has maintained its strong user base and has continued to
increase. It also pride of an impressive portfolio consisting of brands such as BMW
and Express.

5. Zend Framework :- Zend is considered to be a very stable and robust framework
approved for big, enterprise-level projects. It has a wide variety of features which
facilitates the development of condition applications for enterprise clients.

In PHP these are some main frameworks which is mostly used in PHP. Get a Deep
knowledge of PHP through PHP training in Chandigarh.


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