Thursday, 7 December 2017

Features of PHP7

5 Features of PHP7 :-


PHP 7 frequently show speeds twice as fast as PHP 5.6 and many times even faster. Despite these results are not approved for your project, the benchmarks were tested against major projects, Drupal and WordPress, so these numbers don’t come from unreal performance tests. For More information learn PHP Training in Chandigarh

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2. Type Declarations

Type declarations  means defining which type of variable is being set rather than  allowing PHP . PHP is treated to be a weak typed language. In essence, this means that PHP does not require you to declare data types. Variables still have data types identify with them but you can do profound things like adding a string to an everyone without resulting in an error. Type declarations can help you define what should occur so that you get the expected results. This can also make your code easier to read. 

PHP 7 is more faster than PHP5 learn more about PHP by PHP training in Chandigarh.
3. Error Handling
Handling fatal errors in the past has been next to impossible in PHP but in PHP 7 an execution will be thrown when a destructive and improval error occurs, rather than just stopping the script. Fatal errors still exist for certain conditions such as running out of memory and still behave as before by directly stopping the script.
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4. Spaceship Operator

PHP 7 also brings us some new operators. The first one we’re going to explore is the spaceship operator. With a name like that, who doesn’t want to use it? The spaceship operator, or Combined Comparison Operator, is a nice addition to the language, complementing the greater-than and less-than operators.

5. Null Coalesce Operator

The Null Coalesce Operator is definitely the fabulous if-set-or. It will return the left operand if it is not NULL differently it will return the right. The important thing is that it will not raise a notice if the left operand is a non-existent variable.

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