Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Use of AngularJS with PHP

Use of AngularJS with PHP

AngularJS is a Javascript frontend framework. It is basically act as a backend tool and enable you to create "a single page web application".

PHP is a server-side scripting language which is used in a backend. We can not consider at all with AngularJS. When we create web applications with AngularJS, then sometimes we require to access data from a database. In this case, we require to communicate server side scripting language with Angular. It is most likely act as an API.

There are some points that many websites are built using this particular combination are discussed below:
  • It is Easy: Most of the tasks in Angular are directly baked into HTML, which growing web developers are compelled to learn as the de facto markup language. PHP is absolutely easy to get well and generally available.

  • It is Cheap: Let us assume you do not have command line skills, you are going to want GUI features. cPanel, one of the more developed choice in this space, It is allowed offered by various popular hosting services in shared servers at a reasonable cost.

  • Windows Accessible: Numerous newer web developers have not built the leap to Mac. Good features that we assume in web development are come from UNIX. But these are not usual to Windows end users. But installing XAMPP is simple competent.

We can say that Angular and PHP are very easy for web developers that are only starting to get a web development feel. In time, they will establish other opinions as they come across new technologies and communities. For more information, you can visit our website:

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