Monday, 16 January 2017

Introduction to Xampp, Wamp, Mamp and Lamp

Introduction to Xampp, Wamp, Mamp and Lamp

For the PHP websites, we need any local server. We test our website first on these servers and then upload without any error and bugs.
There are four local servers:
  • Xampp
  • Wamp
  • Lamp
  • Mamp

1) Xampp
Xampp stands for x-os, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Pearl. This is the open source platform. Open source means it is run on any operating system. It is a major operating system including mac, windows, and Linux. XAMPP  come with additional characteristics including support for Perl, FileZilla, mercury mail and some scripts.

Wamp stands for Window, Apache, MySql and PHP. It is also an open source platform. It is run on window operating system only. It also provides four key elements of the web server. These are an operating system, database, web-server and web scripting.

3) Lamp
Lamp stands for Linux, Apache, Mac and PHP. The lamp is run on Linux operating system. It is run on Linux operating system.

4) Mamp
Mamp stands for Mac, Apache, MySql, PHP. It is also open source operating system. It is run on Mac operating system only. It provides all tools which are used to run WordPress on your machine and all tools which are used for developing and testing purpose.

These servers are used to develop PHP websites and they provide us full environment as the main server.

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