Saturday, 5 November 2016

Why PHP is better than other.

There are numerous programming/scripting languages developers have to choose for website development like Java, ASP, Perl and PHP. But, now we discuss about why PHP is better than other languages.

PHP is the server side scripting language which is compile on server side. We use PHP for Wordpress sites and one thing that used PHP i.e, Facebook. Facebook is developed with the help of PHP. PHP comes with the certain level of credibility and popularity.

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There are various features that shows PHP is much better than other programming languages. Now, we will be discuss about How PHP is better than other languages.

Simple and easy to learn : PHP is a simple language and it is easily learn. We use syntax of C and java language for PHP programming. So, we can easily work with PHP programming language.

Open source : PHP is open source language. It means, it is available free of cost. The complete code of PHP is open and anyone can use it free of cost.

Platform Independent : PHP is platform independent language. It means it can be run on any platform like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac etc. It simply prove, when a developer write their program on windows and run it on Linux machine.

Easier to fix problem : In PHP, problems are not difficult to find and fix, as compare to other languages.

Object Oriented : PHP has ability to call java objects. As we know java is an object oriented language.

Speed : PHP does not use more system resources in order to run, so it is operated much faster than other languages.

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