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PHP Functions

 PHP Functions


PHP functions are same to other programming languages .  A function is a quantity of code which proceeds one more input in the style of parameter and does any processing and returns a value . You already have seen many functions like fopen() and fread() etc . They are built-in functions but PHP gives you option to create your own functions as well.Now we discuss the types of functions with the PHP Training in Chandigarh . There are two parts which should be clear to you −
Creating a PHP Function
Calling a PHP Function
In fact you comparatively demand to build your particular PHP function because there are
already more than 1000 of built-in library functions created for different area and you just need to call them according to your requirement.

PHP User-Defined Functions :

In addition to the built-in functions, PHP also confess you to represent your particular functions . It is a way to create reusable code packages that perform specific tasks and can be kept and maintained separately from main program . Here are some advantages of using functions :
Functions break the repeat of code within a program — Function confess you to select commonly used block of code into a single component . Now you can perform the same task by calling this function wherever you want within your script without having to copy and paste the same block of code again and again.
Functions compose the code much easy to manage— Since a function organize once can be used many times, so any changes made inside a function automatically implemented at all the places without touching the several files.
Functions makes it easier to eliminate the errors — When the program is subdivided into functions, if any error occur you know exactly what function causing the error and where to find it. Therefore, fixing errors becomes much easier.
Functions can be translate into different application — Because a function is distract from the pause of the script, it's easy to reuse the same function in other applications just by including the php file containing those functions

Advantages of PHP Functions :

Code Reusability : PHP functions are defined only once and can be invoked many times, like in other programming languages .
Less Code : It saves a lot of code because you don't need to write the logic many times. By the use of function, you can write the logic only once and reuse it .
Easy to understand : PHP functions separate the programming logic . So it is simple to sympathize the movement of the application because each logic is split in the style of functions .
Functions with Parameters :
You can specify parameters when you define your function to accept input values at run time . The parameters task like plausibility variables within a function; they're replaced at run time by the values (known as argument) provided to the function at the time of invocation .
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