Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Purpose of PHP

Purpose of PHP

PHP for this world is a boon. PHP being a scripting language having its principal purpose of Server-Side scripting but is also designed for Web development or you can say development of web pages.

This is the necessity of time, as you can see or check any website, you’ll find the “PHP” in the extension of the link.

Fact and Figures: While coming to the fact and figures about PHP, 82% of websites are using PHP for their server-side programming, while more than 244 million websites have been developed with the help of PHP. This proves the reliability of PHP.

A necessity of time: In the current ecosystem, the web page or web application being developed needs high degree of customization, have to be provided with a highly interactive user interface, Should be able to perform online transactions and capable of integration with database systems. All these features can be achieved with the help of PHP.

Add On: Adding to this, most of the web-based enterprise apps are scripted in PHP, all the Apps of Facebook are also scripted in PHP.

So, after having to know about such a vast functionality of PHP, you might be feeling like knowing more about it, how it works, how to apply it, how to use it and basically what it is. So to clear all your confusions, to reduce the curiosity, you can go for its training, where you will receive an in-depth knowledge of PHP. There are various training institutes only a click away from you. PHP training in Chandigarh is being provided by the city’s best training institute “CBitss Technologies.” The institute assures you the best quality of training techniques and with the latest versions. You do the walk-in and will definitely have what you want.


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